Saturday, 31 January 2015

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: No7 Perfect Light Powder

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, I didn’t go anywhere near powder at all. Then, when I was about sixteen, I tried a little, liked it, and then went a bit far and ended up looking like I’d been dusted with icing sugar. Feeling betrayed, I vowed never to let it darken my doorway again.

However, I’m pretty fickle really, and once I discovered the joys of setting other makeup with powder I renounced my vow without a second thought. The problem I’ve always had, though, is that my skin is super sensitive and really tends towards dryness, so powder that doesn’t make that worse or show it up horribly is an elusive creature. A makeup unicorn, if you will.

BUT THEN, in came No7 Perfect Light Powder, gleaming in the sun, and everything changed.

Overall, I prefer loose powders to pressed ones, as I feel like I have more control over the application (no more icing sugar, please). The loose version of this powder is just beautiful – super finely milled, and packaged in a solid jar with little holes in so that only a little bit of product comes through and it’s much harder to spill everywhere. It comes with a little sponge, although I prefer using a brush because it’s easier not to smudge the makeup underneath. I have heard that some people find it difficult to get the product out once most of it’s used up, but I always just take out the sponge, close the jar and give it a good shake and that works pretty well.

I bought the pressed compact because it’s super useful to have powder on hand, but I would never ever tempt fate by carrying loose powder with me. I’m already a disaster waiting to happen at the best of times. I expected to find it a bit heavier than the loose version but actually it’s just as fine and comes out very softly onto the sponge (“little foof” as I called it when I forgot the word for sponge a couple of weeks ago…), so you can pat it on where you need it and all is well. And it has a lovely mirror on the inside. The villagers rejoice.

Budget-wise, these are about mid-range: £11.50 for the compact and £10.50 for the loose powder. They do last forever though, so it won’t be a frequent repurchase. The packaging is beautiful, lovely shiny No7 standard, and – never underestimate how important this is – the jar screws shut properly, so that the shape of the lid always matches up with the shape of the jar and everyone can sleep at night.

This powder goes on so smoothly and softly – I have it in Translucent and it never ever shows up white or dusty. It’s never caused a problem with drying for me either, or stuck to dry patches when they crop up, which is often. It’s also really great at setting concealer; even rubbish ones stay about twice as long with it as without.

And they lived happily ever after.


Let me know your favourite powders below! Has anyone used the Bourjois ones? They’re next on my list to try!

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