Tuesday, 27 January 2015

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Missguided Layla Boots

Missguided Layla faux suede block heel Chelsea boots

In an exciting change from normal, this week I will be raving about shoes in my favourites post, rather than a beauty product, because honestly I just can't get enough of these. I first saw these Missguided Layla Boots on inthefrow a few months ago and I knew right away I had to have them, but it took until right up to Christmas for me to actually get my hands on them. Now I have them I will never let them go.

Missguided Layla faux suede block heel Chelsea boots As you may know by now, I am pretty into my shoes (understatement much) and these are just ungggg. Words. I already featured them in this styling post and they were just everything I hoped and more. No that's not overdramatic. The shape is just perfect, they are such a good height and have the most perfect almond shaped toe, but obviously the key is the gold details, with the gold-plated block heel and the tassel and zip on the side. They turn them from simple black heeled boots to the most beautiful shoes, as far as I'm concerned perfect for pretty much anything. I wore these to a fancy dinner party and then for drinking slightly too much a perfectly responsible amount on New Year's Eve and then on a first date and they have been perfect for all occasions, even the ill-advised midday pub trip on New Year's Day.

Missguided Layla faux suede block heel Chelsea bootsFor the dinner party and New Year's Eve gathering I wore them with a fancy dress and was much more comfortable than I would have been in normal heels, but looking obviously super stylish (and being super modest), but then chucked an enormous jumper over the top and felt only slightly over-dressed for the pub. It was okay though because Noll was in a shiny gold playsuit. For my date, I wore them with jeans, which is maybe even my favourite way to wear them, because they transform a completely casual (ready lazy) outfit into one that looks like you put an effort in, even though all I did was change my shoes after work. What a lucky guy he was, I know.

Taking pictures for this post, I also tried them without tights and fell in love with that too, because it takes them from fancy-pants to slightly more cool, which if I was really cool I obviously would have known from the second I bought them, but whatever. I am also obsessed with this skirt but will save the raving about that for another time.

I have pretty much run out of things to say about one pair of shoes now but AREN'T THEY BEAUTIFUL?!. They have been going in and out of stock so I reckon they will be restocking because they are insanely popular because obviously they are, they are perfection in shoe form. Agreed?

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Missguided Layla faux suede block heel Chelsea boots

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