Sunday, 4 January 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We are both super excited for the new year because fresh start etc., so we thought we would let you know some of our new year resolutions, or rather our goals. I am not going to bother saying I will join the gym and go everyday because I won't, but we both just have some aims to be a little healthier in a realistic way, as well as some fun things too! When we first talked about doing this post, we realised that the first five things we said were exactly the same, so we are starting off with a joint section, and then some individual ones too!

Be more reliable bloggers
Start having blog meetings again
MOVE OUT (and make our house pretty)
Have more regular hair cuts
Drink more water
Eat more vegetables
Go to more gigs

Be on time to everything (all the time)
Stop keeping everything I own on the floor
Sort through my wardrobe
Give away clothes and shoes
Dress better (using what I already have)
Travel more (or at all)
Travel on my own

Drink a shot of olive oil every day (I know, it's gross, but I heard it'll give me nice skin so let's see...)
Stop biting my nails
Save more money
Do some form of exercise every day
See more films (I missed SO MANY last year)
Plan outfits ahead of time
Be tidier (i.e. stop leaving clothes and makeup all over everywhere)

What are all of your resolutions or goals for 2015? Let us know if any of yours are the same or if you think you have better ones!


  1. I am not making any this year I love both of yours though. ox x

    1. Not sure if we'll keep any of them, but we thought it was worth a shot! Thanks for reading =) N x