Tuesday, 6 January 2015

REVIEWSDAY: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

This is a very exciting review for me because I have wanted this moisturiser for SO LONG. But because of my excitement, I am also writing this review the day after buying it because I just couldn't wait any longer, so maybe think of this as more of a first impressions review than our normal incredibly well-researched and thorough reviews. Ahem.

I normally have combination skin (according to Clinique it is Oily Combination, but they are wrong, sorry Clinique). This winter though, it has got so so dry, even my nose is barely oily anymore, and that is a miracle. With that though, has come flaky cheeks and a red patchy chin so I need something to fix it, and quickly please. I first heard about the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum, but I have a serum at the moment and really I feel like serums are almost more of a preventative thing, rather than a cure, so I plumped (get it?) for the moisturiser instead. Then Boots stopped doing a third off on it and I cried and carried on having rubbish skin, but now it's back on offer!

The reason I wanted this so much is because although my skin has got super dry, it can still be oily enough that the really rich creamy moisturisers can make my skin break out. So I wanted something super-hydrating but that wasn't going to be so heavy it clogged everything up. The clever part of this moisturiser is the hyaluronic acid (see what they did with the name there), which keeps skin hydrated with water, rather than oil, and it being a jelly formula rather than cream. The jelly feels really light on the skin but leaves it feeling so soft and hydrated, and beautifully dewy. I just love it.

The packaging is also absolutely adorable, I love the pink and white. Also the whole top of it is a pump with a little hole in the middle (where you can see the weird jelly poking out in the picture), which seems like it could just be a gimmick but it actually means you don't keep poking your fingers in the pot so it is really hygienic, and it also dispenses exactly the right amount each time, because you need barely any. 

PS. Just as a little end point, because I know this stuff is expensive and it's only because I have wanted it so damn long that I bought it, but if you are really suffering dry skin and want something super cheap, buy coconut oil. I only use this at night because putting makeup over the top is a little tricky, but I swear it is just incredible. I bought my tub from Superdrug for next to nothing, and it has lasted forever. You might think it's weird putting oil on your face, but it really sinks in, it isn't gross at all, and it is just so good. Do it. Thank me later.

P x

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