Tuesday, 13 January 2015

REVIEWSDAY: Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts about concealers that I am waging a long-running war against my under-eye circles, and that I will move heaven and earth to find a concealer that will sort them out. This time, though, I decided to try and treat the source of the problem ad hoc and start looking at correcting eye creams.

I’ve been using eye creams for a while, but not been too fussy about which – the ones I’ve used most have been Benefit It’s Potent and Balance Me Wonder, both of which I have in sample sizes from beauty boxes – so this might actually be the first eye cream I’ve ever gone out and bought, and it’s the Yes to Grapefruits Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream.

It’s in the name, right?

The product is £12.99 in Boots, which seems like kind of a lot until you start using it and realise that, considering how much is in the tube, it will last until the next season of Sherlock comes out. It’s a light consistency, very smooth – somewhere between a serum and a medium-thick moisturiser – and smells faintly of grapefruit, but not so much that it makes your eyes water (is it strange that I was worried about this? Discuss).

The blurb says it will “visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles in four weeks.” I’ve had it for about ten days now, and to be honest I’d kind of forgotten I was using it  - you know, applying it in all the right places in my routines, but not really registering that I’d started a new product. That is, until I noticed the difference.

It’s not a miracle cream. I don’t look five years younger or five hours more rested every day, but the areas under my eyes are definitely less shadowy and sallow, and the skin there definitely looks a little firmer. The upshot if this is that my concealer goes on and blends a lot more easily, and the whole under-eye circle situation is a lot easier to manage, even if they haven’t disappeared overnight (a girl can dream).

Normally, when I start using a new skin- or haircare product, I’m looking out for the difference it’s made – is my hair shiny, is my skin soft, have my pores magically jumped off my face, etc – but, as I said, this time I sort of forgot about it, so the difference felt really noticeable and I’m absolutely sold on this. I’m super interested to see if it continues to improve within the four weeks they’ve suggested, but even if it doesn’t I’m definitely pleased enough with the effect it’s had in just ten days.

I was commitment-phobic around eye cream before, giving myself away to whatever was most readily available, but this one’s really caught my eye (forgive me). It could be the start of something special.  

Are there other eye creams I should be flirting with before Yes to Grapefruit and I settle down to grow old together? Is there a miracle cure for under-eye bags and circles that I have yet to discover? Let me know. I’d love you forever.


  1. Sounds like an amazing product xox


    1. Yeah I'm so impressed! I really hope it keeps up the good work! Thanks for reading N x