Sunday, 1 February 2015

THREEWAY(S) WITH: Topshop Silver Monk Shoes

It's time for another Three Way(s) with...! This time it is centred around these silver monk shoes, which I bought slightly over-excitedly in the Christmas sales but have been struggling to style a little bit. I have a new rule this year that I have to wear everything I buy (I realise that sounds obvious but you would be surprised) or else get rid of it in an attempt to halt, or at least slow, the expansion of my wardrobe.

I hopped along to my trusty Polyvore again to do some lovely virtual shopping. Although this means I have an unlimited budget and can assume that everything fits absolutely perfectly and suits me, which therefore bears no resemblance to the reality of shopping (for me anyway), I still find it super helpful to inspire me with my own wardrobe, so I hope you do too!

The rule about wearing everything is also part of my trying to be more adventurous with my dressing, because I usually find that once I have worn something scary once, next time is a whole lot less scary. These particular shoes have now sold out but these looks would work with any exciting shoes basically? They are looks to go with fancy shoes, and everyone has at least one pair of those right?? Some may have several more than one pair, but obviously I am not talking about myself at all. And I definitely am not planning to buy these next.

Cosy Sunday

The first look is a case in point for what I said earlier about assuming that everything suits me. I can't wear high necks, be that funnel necks, turtlenecks or polo necks. Whatever you call them, I can't wear them, they make my face look funny (I swear it's a thing). But in my dream Polyvore world, I am Scarlett Johannsonn (insert applicable girlcrush here) so I am damn well going to wear them. Equally, this jumper is obscenely expensive, but it was the best one by far so here it is. If you want something similar on a budget though, ASOS have a whole bunch of chunky turtlenecks at the moment! This is a super casual look, so I thought I would jazz it up a bit with MAC's Russian Red lipstick, which is not at all related to the fact that Noll gave it to me for Christmas and it's my favourite thing ever.

Catch ups

Shorts are another thing I struggle with. I would love to be Lua from Le Happy (who wouldn't?? Favourite blogger alert) and wear shorts and sheer 90s tights all the time but I can just never get them to fit me. In my ideal world though, I think these shoes would look so so good like that with some high-waisted denim cut-offs. Maybe it's time for me to hit the gym... 

Breakfast meeting

For my final look I thought I would go with an outfit I actually mostly own and therefore could wear. How exciting. I had been looking for a (fake) leather skirt for ages but hadn't found one I liked then saw this one with suede panels and zips on A Beautiful Mess and it was perfect. And £15 from H&M. High five! The Thin Lizzy t-shirt is also a recent eBay purchase, I have no idea how it has taken me so long to get round to getting one because they are one of my all-time favourite bands but anyway. The thought behind this look though is basically a way of smartening up a band tee, so replace with whatever band you like! PS. Sorry for including another expensive Grafea bag but oh god they're just so nice. Same for the ring. Those two parts of the outfit are not quite so realistic, my bad, but easily substituted!

So that's three different looks to help me, and I hope you, think more about how to style pieces that are maybe a little unusual or out of your comfort zone - please let me know what you think! Are there any other items you would like me to do for my next Three Way(s) with...?

P x

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