Tuesday, 30 December 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Divaderme Lash Extender

Brace yourselves: I’m quite into makeup.

I know; shocker, right? My family knows this, obviously, and come this Christmas time I was gently spoilt with all sorts of exciting beauty bits and bobs (haul post coming soon!), and one of them was this: the Divaderme Lash Extender.

Divaderme call it lashes in a bottle, and it’s made up of teensy tiny fibres that you brush onto fresh mascara and then seal in with another layer. It looked super exciting, and also sort of terrifying, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to run away from my family gathering and try it out.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

HOT FOR TEACHER: New Year's Eve Make-up and Hair

So we both got insanely busy in December and failed a little in doing any Christmas party festive looks but now we have New Year's Eve to prepare for instead yay!

I feel like this year there has been a particular revolt against the eyes *or* lips rule, with everyone just doing whatever they like, so to celebrate that, and because I think it will carry on into 2015 as well, (for example at the London SS15 catwalk shows!), I thought what better look to do than bold eyes and lips together?!

Thursday, 25 December 2014




It's now been about four wonderful months since we started this blog and, although it's been hard to keep up with it when our day-to-day lives have been busy, we're loving it and loving YOU for reading. We hope you all have amazing, sparkly and excellent Christmases and we'll be back soon with lots of SUPER EXCITING new posts for you to read. 

Much love!

Poppy & Noll xxx

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Colour Me Your Colour

A few weeks ago, I wandered starry-eyed into the makeup section of Selfridges and after a dazed and beautiful half-hour, wandered back out again with this Urban Decay eyeliner set.

Coloured eyeliner is something that I’ve largely avoided since the Red Eyeliner Incident of 2005 (I was fourteen. Please don’t judge me.), but since we started this blog I’ve been trying to be a bit more adventurous with my makeup, if just in a desperate attempt to remain interesting. That in mind, and this beautiful, beautiful present to myself in hand, I gave it a go.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

REVIEWSDAY: L'Oreal Paris Blake's Pure Red Color Riche Lipstick

I think I might have found the best red lipstick ever. Just saying. I have been dying to try the L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Pure Reds (what a mouthful) range for so so long, and I finally got round to swatching them in Superdrug and buying one, and I can't believe I waited so long. I bought Blake's Red, and it is perfect.

I still haven't sorted my office Christmas party outfit (see the dilemma at the end of this post) but at least I now know what makeup I will be wearing, because this lipstick is made for Hollywood glamour. Which is pretty appropriate for something created for/by Blake Lively.

Monday, 15 December 2014

THREEWAY(S) WITH: Topshop Checked Shift Dress

I got a new job! Super exciting but then came the realisation I have nothing appropriate for the (slightly) smarter office so I accidentally bought all of Topshop. One thing I bought is this lovely green checked shift dress, which I am in love with but is pretty different to what I usually wear so I have been struggling a little with what to wear it with. For some inspiration and virtual shopping without spending money, I hopped off to Polyvore and thought I would bring you along for the ride.

Because I will be wearing this for work, I have done a work outfit, as well as one evening (e.g. Christmas party!) outfit and one weekend (or maybe casual evening) look. I had so much fun doing this, let me know if you like it so I can do more!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

You can’t be a reader of beauty blogs, or even someone who spends a slightly unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, without having heard of Nars Sheer Glow. It cropped up on my radar a couple of years ago and I wanted it immediately. It was to be my first higher-end foundation purchase, and I just loved it.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

HOT FOR TEACHER: Easy Hair Curling (and mini review!)

Prepare yourself for another gushing review, not very well disguised as a tutorial. I saw the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Wave & Nourish Twisted Curling Wand in inthefrow's November favourites video, and bought it instantly, because I had wanted a new curling wand forever and this is super cheap, but to be honest I didn't have the highest expectations precisely because of that. In fact, I love it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

REVIEWSDAY: L'Oréal Superliner Brow Artist

On Sunday night, I went to a wedding reception. It was lovely, and beautiful, and I totally did not tear up at the first dance; shut your face. There may have been a tad too much gin.

The sad consequence of this lovely evening was that on Monday I woke up 20 minutes late and had to fling what I needed into my handbag and do most of my makeup on the train. All would have been well (I am pretty practised at hungover train makeup, because I am a mess), except I forgot to bring any eyebrow products and, being that my eyebrows are a bit of a law unto themselves at the moment, I had to make an emergency trip to Boots. Yes. Emergency.

Enter: L'Oréal Superliner Brow Artist.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Brush With Greatness

One of the things that bothers me most in the world (I mean, after all the important sociopolitical issues and all that) is the sponge-tipped applicators that come with some eyeshadows.

I think they are criminal, and awful, and that they do a disservice to makeup everywhere. Brushes, proper, bristled brushes, will change your life and the way you do eyeshadow FOREVER. I'm pretty sure I'm not being hyperbolic here.

If I've convinced you and not made you feel afraid for my sanity, these are the six brush styles I think you should have in your life.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain

First off, apologies for the unhelpful photo, I love it so much that the tube is looking rather worse for wear and the pictures were not coming out brilliantly! 

I was struggling to think of a favourites for ages and then had to go out last night and wanted something super-quick to update my work make-up just a little, and reached for this automatically, and realised that I always do. It is hands down my number one go-to in that situation. It is partly to do with the colour, but also a lot to do with how easy it is to wear because of how well it wears, so definitely a favourite!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Perfume: The Story of an Addict

About five years ago, I played a game of Trivial Pursuit with some friends of mine. We played in teams, and one of the questions put to my team was What is the sense most closely associated with memory?

The answer to that question is smell. I was outvoted by my teammates, and they chose sight, and we lost, and I’m totally not still bitter about it, Luke and Jack, not at all.

Board game injustices aside, that’s why I like perfume so much. I like to smell nice, and I like that different perfumes can change the way I feel. Someone walked past me the other day smelling like Oscar de la Renta and therefore like my granny, which was lovely, and Hugo Boss always makes me think of my mum. I used to be a one-fragrance type of girl (Body Shop vanilla oil, thanks for asking), but I’ve branched out over the years and these are a few of my favourites.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Sniffy Wiffy Hand Cream

Today, appropriately with it (finally) being December, is in a way our first Christmas post, because although it is a usual Tuesday review, this is definitely something I think would make a great Christmas gift. Having said that, although this is a review of the hand creams that we got to try, this is also a (slightly gushing) post about the brand and their products in general.

We had the lovely opportunity of meeting the couple behind Sniffy Wiffy at a Bloggers Love Hub event, and received hand cream samples to try, so I'll talk about these first but then quickly discuss the brand as a whole a bit too.

Monday, 1 December 2014

THANK GOD IT'S (Monday) FAVOURITES: No7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter

I love a convenient product. Something I mentioned over and over again in my everyday makeup post (sorry not sorry) is ease of use, especially with products I want to be using in the morning, when I can’t really function before noon. Even then it’s sometimes a struggle.

The No7 Bronzing Highlighter came out this summer (£9.95) along with its little highlighter friend, and I fell in love. It was a summer romance that has carried on into the dead of winter (when anything that will add colour to my ashen zombie face is much appreciated).