Monday, 5 January 2015

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

So, we mentioned in our resolutions post yesterday that we were going to be more reliable bloggers this year, and in the spirit of that, here’s this week’s favourites post… two days late.

Er, sorry.

But I’ll make up for it, I swear, by telling you all you ever wanted to know about Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The name is a mouthful, but the product is just gorgeous.

£15.50 for 100ml from their website, the cleanser’s a lovely consistency, somewhere between a cream and a foam. It reminds me a little of Clinique’s Comforting Cream Cleanser, and it’s just as gentle – as my skin’s really, really sensitive, I get a little bit nervous about new products, especially all-natural ones as the list of plants I’m allergic to is ever-growing, but I’ve never had a problem with this. It smells great, too, very soothing and planty. That’s totally a word. Shut up.

The real plus of this product, though, is the muslin cloths that it comes with – I’ve built up a little bit of a collection of these by now, and they might actually be the most useful things in the world. These cloths have been around for ages in various shapes and forms, but this was the first skincare brand to really market them and sell them alongside a product as a cleansing/exfoliation duo (or Cleanse and Polish, if you will. I see what they did there). Superdrug and No7, among others, now have cheaper options if you’re on a budget, but Liz Earle also make a whole range of different-sized kits at different prices, so I think it's worth a little mini splurge. 

The way it works: you apply the product to your face (I like to let it sit for a little bit while I brush my teeth or sing to myself in the mirror or something) and then soak the cloth in hand-hot water before using it to gently buff the cleanser into your skin.


The cleanser on its own is a lovely product and one I would probably buy, but absolutely nothing beats the feeling of the hot cloth cleanse. And it works – I use this product after removing my makeup, but there’s usually still a bit on the cloth because it gives a more thorough cleanse and very gentle, physical exfoliation. It’s great as an exfoliator for very sensitive skin, because you can go as soft as you need and the hot cloth is perfect for gently soaking and buffing away dry skin.

Afterwards, I press the whole cloth over my face while it’s hot and then rinse it in cold water and press that on too, to frighten my pores into submission. Liz Earle recommends using it morning and evening but unless you’ve got particularly robust skin or are very gentle with the cloth I’d suggest every few days or once a week instead. I particularly like it after a busy weekend or other times when I’ve had a lot of makeup on: it feels like you’re apologising to your face. Sorry, face. Forgive me. Feel this nice cloth.

Maybe that’s just me.

Talking to your own face notwithstanding, I really believe everyone should give this a try at least once – it’s a great product and super easy to adapt to your specific skincare needs.  

N x 


  1. I got this in one of my beauty boxes and I love it as well. Great review. xox

    1. I got a mini one in a beauty box a while ago too! Super useful; I was so pleased! Thanks for reading N x

  2. Sounds sooo lovely! I must try it for myself soon!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. You absolutely should! It's so brilliant =) thanks for reading! N x