Sunday, 25 January 2015

HOT FOR TEACHER: Coloured Mascara

A few weeks ago (perhaps months? I am still struggling with the new year), I wrote a post on coloured eyeliner, and because I’m super original, I thought I’d branch out and talk about coloured mascara as well.

I went for dark navy, because I’m not that brave – this one is the Rimmel Kate Rockin’ Curves mascara in Sapphire, but they also do a dark green or purple if you prefer. Barry M also make this one and this one, which come in slightly lighter colours if you want something a bit more vibrant.


The first look I tried was the mascara on its own, with bare lids and a bit of nude kohl pencil in the waterline just to make me look less dead. I wasn’t super keen on the brush, to be honest – it’s quite a wet formula and the asymmetrical brush makes it easy to smudge, but the mascara itself does hold well and gives some nice volume. The colour is definitely subtler than I was expecting too – in the picture (sorry about the horrendous lighting) you can see that it shows up much more on the lower lashes than the top ones. In person, the blue shows up on the tips of the lashes when they catch the light. It’s super pretty.


I also tried a matte brown smokey eye (with a little bit of gold because why not). The blue shows up a little more on the tips of the lashes in this picture, and I really like the way it stands out against the shadow. Depending on the shade of mascara you’ve gone for, this would also look lovely with greys or bronzes – anything that contrasts the mascara so that the colour stands out. This look is probably the one I’m most likely to wear out, as it’s closest to my normal makeup with just that little bit of super exciting extra colour.


I think this one is probably my favourite. It’s the least subtle – what does that say about me? – but also the most fun. For this I did a full on blue and navy smoky eye (using colours from the Urban Decay Smoked and Vice3 palettes), going very dark and 80s in the crease and adding a bright blue liner in the waterline just because. I was a bit worried that the mascara would kind of disappear into all the other blue and make it look like I had no eyelashes, but actually it held its own quite well. You can see in the picture that the roots look full and dark, and the colour on the lower lashes looks much brighter against the matching shadow.

To be honest, I was expecting to put this on, laugh hysterically and never show anyone the photos ever again, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised – it’s a nice way to jazz up what are still very simple looks, especially if you’re looking to try new things without having to learn a new technique or wear loads more makeup than usual. We’re in the dead of winter now and everything’s a bit grey and dull, so a little bit of colour is always welcome.

Let me know if you’ve tried coloured mascara, if there are other brands you recommend & what colour I should try next!

N x


  1. I just tried to do some smoky eyes for the first time :)
    Great post love the colour of the Models Own xox

    1. Oooh how did it go? Are you going to do a blog post about it? I'd love to read it! Smoky eyes are my total favourite look =) Thanks for reading N x