About Us

Hi! We're Noll (on the left there) and Poppy (the other one), two 23-year-old losers from London. We started this blog to share our deepest, darkest insights into beauty and fashion, along with a little bit of everything else (we're flexible like that). Noll will be covering more of the beauty side of things and Poppy will lean a bit more towards fashion, but we both buy too much of everything and this blog gives us an excuse. Sort of.

Regular features you can find are: 

REVIEWSDAY - a weekly review of new products we've tried

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES - weekly posts about products we love and adore

HOT FOR TEACHER - hair and makeup tutorials of all shapes and sizes

Hope you enjoy reading our blog! We'd love to hear your comments and we're PR- and collaboration-friendly; head over to our Contact Us page for all our details.

Much love!

Noll & Poppy xxx

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