Tuesday, 27 January 2015

REVIEWSDAY: Revlon Brow Fantasy

Brow products are a tricky thing, because there are a lot of different things to get right at once. I’m fickle with my brow products: at the moment I’m using Soap & Glory’s Archery, which lovely but a little too warm and red-toned in colour for me, and Benefit Speed Brow, which I really like and definitely recommend as a brow gel.

I’m still, though, worlds away from finding an all-in-one product that really floats my boat, and so for this Reviewsday (is it your favourite day of the week yet? Why on earth not?), I snapped up Revlon’s Brow Fantasy.

Basics: it’s a double-ended product, with a gel on one end and a pencil on the other. It comes in three shades (mine is Dark Brown) and is super reasonable at £6.99 from Boots.

My first impressions were pretty good; the colour was really great for me and went on smoothly. The pencil is very pigmented, so you only need a super light touch – I maybe wouldn’t recommend this as a first-time brow product for that reason, as it’s easy to use too much.

I generally prefer clear gels, so I was curious to try this tinted one. I was disappointed with the brush, though – it’s a spoolie brush but it’s a bit big and unwieldy, especially compared to more specialised ones (even the standard individual ones tend to be a bit more tapered on the end.

The gel itself looks a bit intense and dark when it first goes on – I was scared – but it dries to a nice, subtle finish that isn’t at all shiny. I’ve seen a few reviews saying it felt crispy but I didn’t find that at all, and it set my brows well.

The biggest gripe I have with this product is, at this stage, theoretical (and easily fixed, you know, if Revlon are reading…). There’s a lot more gel than pencil, which is going to be annoying when the pencil runs out. Brow pencils run down even faster than eye pencils, in my experience, because of how important it is that they’re sharp all the time, and so at some point in the future I’m going to be left with a lonely, half-full tube of gel and not much to do with it.

The pencil part of this product (say that five times fast) is nice and easy to use, and I’ll probably have a dig through other Revlon pencils in the future. Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought, and where I should look next in my quest for the perfect eyebrow product!


  1. I am scared to try any brow products lol. :)
    Great post. xox


    1. Thanks for reading! I never used to use them but eventually I caved and now I'm obsessed =) N x