Friday, 17 October 2014

Winter is Coming

Today I thought I would do an exciting non-beauty post and take a look instead at some of the shoes I will be wearing this winter (or fall, if you're into that kind of thing). This is also a reason for me to feel less bad about having bought yet another pair of shoes after saying I wouldn't buy anymore.

The four pairs of shoes above are all relatively new (past couple of months) and will sort of make up my staples for the next few months, although I have others from past years I will definitely be digging out too (pink brogues anyone?).

ASOS Marzie Leather Cut Out Brogues
Let's start with these cut-out brogues. I have rarely been as excited about a pair of shoes as I am about these. 
Back story: I saw these in ASOS magazine last winter but I was completely dirt poor at the time and couldn't afford anything at all, let alone a £50 pair of shoes. Watched them for ages in case they went on sale, they didn't. Fast forward to September, I had finally stopped searching because I assumed they would be sold out but suddenly they appeared in the sale! I bought them immediately and wore them every single day for two weeks. Now it's just every other day... 

They are my perfect kind of shoe, in that they are quite simple and go with everything, but at the same time have lovely details with the suede toe cap, cut-outs and slight pattern on the navy (real leather) patent main. They also have a proper Dr Martin-esque rubber sole which I hope will make them last for ages, and makes them super comfortable.

Shoe parade!
Vans Era 59 in Leopard Brown
Next up are my Truffle Chunky Chelsea Boots, which I couldn't get a decent picture of (hiding at the back in the picture above) but they are still on sale (at ASOS again) here. They are pretty standard chunky ankle boots that I got just for when it rains (one downside of cutouts) or I just want something very plain. Having said they were plain, again I like the elastic detail in the side and chunky tread sole.

These little leopard print Vans from Office were seen first by my beautiful friend Ellie (she showed me them and I bought them immediately, oops...). These are basically my running around shoes, not actual running of course, just basic everyday trainers. They are super comfy and I just chuck them on when I'm not sure what to wear because they jazz up a boring running-to-the-shops outfit thanks to the print. Another win for lazy dressing.

ASOS Dockland Plimsolls in Cow Print
Finally we have these absolute beauties, which are my newest pair. They arrived at the weekend but it has been so damn wet and miserable that today is the first day I have been able to wear them. I think they are just brilliant, they are really fun but the pointy toe and (faux) pony skin makes them reasonably smart, so I am going to try to keep them looking respectable, even though I just want to wear them all the time.

So that is a little run down of what will be my staple shoes this autumn/winter (have self-imposed ban on buying anymore), what do you think? I would love to know what you will be wearing!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they?? I keep getting up and wandering round the office to show them off haha!
      Poppy x

  2. Love the black boots from ASOS I just ordered some similar ones. I love winter :)
    I also got some double sole baseys which I am comic book stripping them because they are just a plain white so they are a bit boring :) xx

    1. Thanks, me too! They are so sturdy - ultimate winter boots.
      Ooooh that sounds so cool, make sure you do a blog post on it and I will definitely have a read! Hope it turns out well :)
      Poppy x