Friday, 3 October 2014

SAVING PLACES: Snowflake Gelato

Bonus post! Lucky you. This is also our first review of somewhere, which we are going to try to do more often now because basically every week we have a blog meeting, otherwise known as an hour of gossiping, and we usually try to go somewhere fun.
Yesterday we went to Snowflake Gelato in Soho, which is supposed to be one of the best in London and has won a ton of Great Taste awards for various flavours. It also won the overall award this year (Supreme Champion, amazing title), which basically means one of their ice creams was the best tasting thing out of all the food entered. On top of that, the lovely Laura Hyatt at Heroine in Heels recommended it, so I was expecting a lot, I won't lie.

The selection of flavours is pretty daunting so we got three scoops each so we could really try as much as possible (that's why I swear). Noll got Venice Cream (a sort of custard and passionfruit thing), Sea Salted Caramel and Coffee. I also got Coffee, and Raspberry and Cuoricino (chocolate and hazelnut). They were all super good but for me the standout was raspberry, which incidentally was the one that won overall best tasting thing this year. Cuoricino was actually delicious as well, but I might controversially say I have had better coffee gelato, because I like mine very coffee-y and I think this could have been a bit stronger.

Three scoops cost £5.20, which I think is maybe a little steep, or at least for that they could be slightly more generous, but I will definitely come back when I'm wandering round central., because it's still pretty damn good
If I'm being totally honest, I don't think it beats LAB G in Brixton, who make the only coffee ice cream that rivals my mum's but that's only helpful if you're down South. Frankly I think they warrant their own so look out for that, because oh no I have to try more ice cream :)

BOO. It's Noll and this is my half of the review. Part of the reason that Pops and I started this blog together is because we think in the same way about most things (Criminal Minds, chunky-heeled boots, coffee ice cream etc), so I'll keep it concise, but basically, I fucking love ice cream and I quite fucking love Snowflake as well.

It's a beautiful space, all decorated in black and white and with huge mirrors everywhere (no ice-cream-related makeup mishaps for me, thank you). It's got a bit of a 50s vibe, as I think is kind of inevitable in ice cream shops for some reason, but that's offset by the brightness of the place and the cute (although a little strange to sit on) modern chairs. The staff were really lovely and super efficient considering there were 15 or so people jostling about to look at all the flavours at once.

THE FLAVOURS. I have a terrible habit of always choosing the same flavour of ice cream (it's coffee. I really like coffee. Have we said coffee enough?), so I tried to be a teensy bit adventurous with the Venice Cream and I was pretty impressed - it's a beautiful custardy flavour with unexpectedly delicious passion fruit in it. In general also the ice cream was a beautiful texture, wonderfully soft and creamy and lovely, and it took us a good ten minutes to actually talk about the blog because we were so busy eating it (or dripping it on the table. Sorry). Pops is right about the coffee though; it doesn't quite match up to LAB G, but I've also had the salted caramel from there and Snowflake's is definitely better so I reckon they about even out overall. I do regret not getting the raspberry though, but I suppose that just means we'll have to go again. How awful for us. 

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