Tuesday, 7 October 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

Yay Reviewsday. This is my favourite feature we do, because it means I get to buy new things. I had a list forever long of products I already own to review today but I have wanted one of these lip crayons ever since I heard about them, so instead I bought a new thing.

I was standing in Superdrug for ages trying to decide which one to get, and I was drawn mostly to Minimalist because I wanted an everyday gentle pink, but they didn't have that in stock, so then I was going to get Red Essential because I just can't resist a red. I have millions of reds already though, and not enough reasons to wear them, so instead I was (very) brave and went for this taupe-y sort of colour, called Nude Perfection (ha, this would count as nude on maybe 1% of the population), and you know what, I am so glad I did, despite the terrible name. I normally basically only go for things on the pink/berry/red spectrum, because that's what suits my skin - even coral, which in theory goes with every skintone, does not necessarily suit me. This brown shade was pretty terrifying but I was determined to be brave and experimental (thank you blog) so instead of getting the beautiful dark red, I got this. As it happens, now that I know how much I love the formula, I will absolutely be going back to get the dark red, and tracking down the original pretty pink I first liked.

Anyway, this colour, although it looks quite brown in the pencil and on a swatch (->), actually goes on rather pink, which as far as I'm concerned is a good think. Once it's on, it reminds me quite a lot of my all-time favourite lipstick, YSL Rouge Pur in 66 Rosewood, even though they look totally different in the pencil/bullet. It is a bit more orange-y, rather than pink, but I really, really like it. It's very nineties, which is super cool right now, but actually unintentional, I promise.

The texture is gorgeous - as I've said several times, I really love matte lipstick, it's what I use about 90% of the time, and although I have been trying to branch out a bit recently this is really not going to help with that. It did drag a tiny bit on my lips when I was putting it on, but I think this is because it was quite cold, and I also think once you've used it a couple of times and it's less pointy this won't be at all a problem. When it's on it is so velvety, a texture I think goes really well with this colour in particular in keeping it understated, and also again super nineties.

One of the reasons I love matte lipsticks is because they last much longer, and this definitely lasted well. I have to admit it didn't completely survive my masala fish and chips (Baba G at Market House in Brixton, fyi) but that is quite a tough call, and it actually wore away really nicely, it faded evenly rather than leaving the lipliner effect. Maybe it wouldn't wear quite as well in brighter colours, but I probably wouldn't be going for red lipstick for fish and chips anyway, as a general rule, and also the pencil applicator I find much easier to use than lipstick bullet so it is really easy to reapply.

Either way, I definitely love this enough that I will step up to the challenge of testing this in other colours (tough job but someone has to), so I will report back on how that goes.
I have to admit here, I think one of the reasons I like this so much is because it reminds me of a certain high-end lip crayon *cough*NARS*cough* that I cannot currently afford, so for £5.99 (buy one get one half-price at Superdrug atm...) I think this is pretty amazing.

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