Friday, 31 October 2014


Clockwise from top left: The Joker, Oompa Loompa, Lady Gaga, Gothic Lolita
We are so excited even though our Halloween party is tomorrow, I will basically be spending all of tomorrow getting ready... Anyway today we have a final, bonus Halloween post, but more of an inspiration post rather than detailed tutorial. Basically I have a blue-green bobbed wig, I can't remember why I bought it, but I would really like some more use out of it so I went on a little internet hunt for some costume ideas and actually found quite a few, so I put together this little post of super-quick looks (I did them all one after the other in an hour or two including taking pictures).

First up we have The Joker! This is a super easy look made just by throwing on a ton of black eyeshadow and then red lips extended out into the creepy smile. White face paint would be good too!

Then is oompa loompa, which is probably the easiest look of them all. I covered my face in bronzer, but again sub in orange face paint if you can. I did the eyebrows by sticking bits of paper on my face (stuck on with lip gloss because I'm classy), but if you don't want to do that then white face paint or a good white eyeliner would do the job so long as you do the orange around it.

Next up is possibly not hugely recognisable but it is in fact Lady Gaga, because on my internet travels I found that she actually wears this colour wig a lot, including one piano performance where it is in a nice little bob, so this is just a simple look if you aren't trying to be too extreme. You could be a bit thicker with the eyeliner, but the most important parts are the red lips and beauty spot.

The final look is Gothic Lolita and I was pretty pleased with it, so I think I might try to do a tutorial at some point (let me know if you're interested!) because I think it could be taken even further. This look is all about the sweet bright colours, I saw a lot of green and pink so that's what I used. White eyeliner would massively improve this look by making the eyes look bigger so that is very definitely on my shopping list!

So that's a round up of the looks your can see above, what do you think? It was really fun doing the research for this post and doing some simpler looks so I hope you enjoyed it!

Keep an eye on our Instagram for some bonus pictures including Morticia Addams makeup and our full costumes tomorrow, and take a look at our Halloween tutorials here :)


  1. Happy Halloween

    Love the looks you've done hun looks great. Have a great party tomorrow xox

    1. Thanks lovely! Hope you have had/are going to have a good one too!
      Poppy x