Sunday, 5 October 2014

PACK WITH US: Five Go Mad in Wales.

WE’RE GOING ON HOLIDAY. This never happens. We haven't been on holiday together in fact, since we went on a super romantic Paris trip when we were nineteen. Memories.
We are going to Wales (#jetsetters) so we thought it might be useful to do a post on what we're packing, beauty-wise, for our trip. Although we are going to the middle of nowhere (the train station is a request stop, who even knew those were a thing??), we are hoping to do a bunch of blog stuff, so while everyday makeup may be minimal we are taking a whole lot of makeup to do some exciting looks! 

I (Poppy) am only there for four days/three nights, so I really am going to be frugal with my everyday makeup, so I am just taking my normal bag (main picture above!). To be honest, if it weren't for knowing we'll be doing some tutorials there, I wouldn't even be bringing all of that. Everyday for me is basically foundation, my favourite mascara, and something on my lips. I usually wear primer too because I like the feel of it, concealer for under eyes, and a bit of powder but these are extras I may or may not bother with. Same for blusher really, even though I look like a total ghost without it. I usually wear lipstain (Max Factor) with Burts Bees lip balm (faded yellow tube) over the top to seal it. Also there is the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette that I normally use on my brows, but although I use it everyday for work, I probably wouldn't generally bother on holiday so I am mostly bringing it as a useful palette. The Benetint, High Beam and liquid eyeliner are extras too, but I am taking them because they are tiddly and will be useful for tutorials.

In terms of the extra makeup I'm basically as much as possible, so as well as the Bobbi Brown palette, I am taking Urban Decay Ammo, and MUA Cosmetics' Poptastic and Hall of Fame eyeshadow palettes, and then I am then taking basically one lipstick in each kind of shade I have, so I have a selection of reds and pinks, one orangey coral and then of course (!) my rediscovered bronze - there is a peek in the bag in that picture!

Skincare wise as I said, I am quite worried about what the cold and wind will do to it, so as well as my normal everyday light Nivea moisturiser, I am taking this little Clinique sample in case I find I need something a bit richer, and a super rich Elemis night cream to help my skin recover overnight. The last two were free with magazines, which as far as I'm concerned are the absolute best source of travel-sized products! I'm also taking my teeny Benefit It's Potent eye cream from September Birchbox. The Malin+Goetz products came in a cute little pouch with a moisturiser but I am not bringing that. The face wash I have used before and it's lovely, the lip thing I haven't tried but is yet again for extra protection against the seaside. As well as that for my face, I will be taking coconut body butter for extra dry body bits like elbows, and possibly as an overnight hand cream as well as Neutrogena for day.

For my hair I am being brave, and not taking any of the things I normally use, which is Moroccanoil treatment (light) on the ends then a ton of mousse at the top to make it not flat as a pancake. I don't have travel versions of either of them though, so I am taking a mini Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil, Oil instead. As well as that, a little can of Batiste for inbetween days.

You may notice I have not got pictures of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, arguably the most important things, oops. Shower gel is because I know I have a travel-sized one somewhere I just have yet to find it, shampoo and conditioner I am using my new Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force and Ciment Anti-Usure at the moment (in preparation for having my hair salon-dyed eeee!) but I haven't decanted them yet. I will be taking makeup remover wipes (not super spillable makeup remover) but they don't look so pretty in photographs. I am now also going to take a body lotion, because apparently we are going swimming in the sea, in Wales, in October, which I didn't know before, but I assume I will basically need to bathe in body lotion to stop all my skin falling off afterwards. I think I will take Vaseline Aloe Vera because it feels lovely and soothing and soaks in quickly.

That is me done then, essentially I am being as frugal as possible on sensible things so I have more room for eighties eyeshadow palettes and more lipstick than I can possibly ever wear. 

Now Noll can explain the more practical things she is bringing...

I am especially excited about this trip because it means I finally get to use all the mini toiletries that I keep for just such an occasion. Shower-wise, I’m taking the lovely Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner that I got in a beauty box a million years ago – I’ve used a tiny bit just to make sure it’s not rubbish and I really like it; it smells gorgeous and it’s all paraben-free and extra moisturising so I think it will be good to save my hair from the sea and wind etc. I got this Kiehl’s shower gel (or ‘liquid body cleanser’ apparently…), for Christmas actually, but I’ve been saving it. It’s grapefruit-scented and very gentle. I’m taking a tiny Body Shop body scrub, which is also grapefruit and smells DIVINE, and coconut oil, which I use to save my legs but will also be great for protecting my skin against the cold (yay coconut oil!). 

One of the only full-size products I’m taking is my trusty Nivea Soft, which I spoke about in my moisturiser post, because it serves as both a body and face moisturiser and because I love it. I’ve also got a baby Body Shop body butter (say that five times fast), the Shea version, because if we’re at the beach running about like nutters in the cold I’m anticipating my skin might need a little extra TLC. I’m not taking very many hair products - if I start looking like a mad witch I’ll just start wearing a lot of topknots – but I have got some L’Oreal Mythic Oil, which I got in my September Glossybox and is great for keeping my hair soft and not crap. 

For skincare, I’m taking an ADORABLE little Liz Earle set I got for my birthday, which has the Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (which I love and which will be great for waking me up after all the inevitable drinking. I mean wholesome fun). I’ve also got a mini Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel, because it’s very gentle and easy to use so it’ll be super practical. Practicality is unusual for me so I am proud.  

Makeup-wise I’m also keeping it simple, because all the people we’re going with have seen me looking like a troll so it doesn’t really matter. I’m just taking my everyday makeup bag: Clarins and Benefit primers, L’Oreal foundation, No7 crème bronzer, Benefit cheek tint, liquid highlighter, brow gel and lip balm, Revlon powder, Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette, Rimmel eyeliner, and Max Factor mascara. Done! 

The change that I’ve made from my normal routine is switching out products that don’t lend themselves to travelling. Normally I use a loose powder (No7 if you’re asking) but I would never, ever tempt fate by attempting to travel with loose powder in my bag, so I’m taking my pressed Revlon one instead - it comes with its own brush, too, so that saves a lot of space. I also normally use primer that comes in a glass bottle or jar (Max Factor or Nivea) but glass packaging, while beautiful, is also bloody heavy so I’ve switched to the Clarins one in the tube, and this mini Benefit Porefessional just because it’s cute and teensy. 

I’m also only taking three brushes – my foundation brush, an eyeshadow brush and an angled liner brush (which can be used for eyes and brows) – because they take up a lot of space in my makeup bag and most of the products I’m taking can be blended with my hands anyway. 

I’m not sure I’ll end up using everything I’m taking, but I like to be prepared – what if I run into the love of my life on a rural Welsh beach?! Shut up; a girl can dream.

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