Tuesday, 21 October 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Superdrug Aloe Vera De-Stressing Mask

I have seen a few reviews of the Superdrug own-brand masks floating around the internet recently (notably Miss Budget Beauty and The Sunday Girl) but hey what's an extra one?
I did a huge Halloween look on Sunday (omg I am so excited to show you!) and I had to pop to Superdrug to pick up some extra make-up, but while I was there I thought maybe it would be a good idea to do a mask afterwards to help my skin recover a little, and because for £2.59 why wouldn't you?

For the sake of full and total honesty, I should tell you that I already have one of these masks, the Dead Sea Mud one, and I actually reacted to it the last time I used it, even though I hadn't before, but given the other positive reviews I thought it might be worth just trying a different, more gentle one. Step forward aloe vera. 
This turned out to be perfect for me because it is soothing and suitable for sensitive skin, but also contains stuff to clear your skin a bit. Although it is obviously a bit sensitive at the moment, I am not yet completely wintery dry and in fact my skin is a bit crap and spotty right now (thanks hormones), so I wanted something firm yet gentle essentially. Also because I had just covered my face in a lot of makeup, it seemed a good idea to have something to give it a proper deep clean.

Anyway I did my super-exciting surprise Halloween look, took it all off and then popped this on after my shower. It tingled a bit to begin with and I got worried I was reacting to it, but it stopped quickly so I kept it on for the 10-15 mins and washed it off and I hadn't reacted at all, my skin was just very soft and shock horror it had actually helped with my blackheads, which is a massive achievement because they are oh so stubborn.

It says on the tube to use in 2-3 times a week, and to be honest I probably won't do this because I don't think I need it that much, but I will definitely be using it every Sunday, and maybe once in the middle of the week if I think I need it.

Although my experience with the other one was not great, I think I just need to remember I can be a bit sensitive and not just slap any old thing on my face. I am still a fan of Superdrug own-brand products because they are super cheap, and also they are a pretty ethical company in terms of animal-testing etc., which is quite important to me. 

Well done Superdrug.


  1. aw mannnn I just placed a order on Superdrug wish I saw this before then because I would have tried it I get same problem with black heads I like the face that these ones are the wash off ones because those peel of masks irritate my skin a lot. Next time I am in Superdrug I will be buying this :)


    1. Ooh yes definitely do, I love it :) I know what you mean about the peel-off ones, they're so satisfying but definitely more risky...
      Poppy x