Tuesday, 24 February 2015

REVIEWSDAY: Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

Urban Decay’s 2015 releases are looking pretty exciting all round. As you might have realised from my serious inability to shut up about their eyeshadows, I’m a huge fan of the brand, and scurried off to investigate the new launch as soon as I heard about it. It comprises a powder foundation, a concealer, a new collection of Moondust eyeshadows (YES), some beautiful lipsticks and something called Mascara Resurrection.

Slightly creepy name aside, this is the first product of its kind I’ve ever seen, and it’s also the cheapest product in the new range at £10, so I snapped it right up.

Urban Decay describe Mascara Resurrection as a ‘refreshing serum’ that softens mascara after it has dried, enabling you to add a new coat over the top. We’ve all been there – you’ve been out, or at work, with mascara on all day, and when you try to reapply it to head out on the town for your incredibly exciting social life (or, you know, you’ve got 10 minutes to kill before your train and you’re bored), it becomes a terrifying clumpy spiky disaster and even the 40 minutes of crying you do afterwards doesn’t fix it.

WELL. That, in a (long-winded) nutshell, is what Mascara Resurrection is for. Not even necessarily for a full reapplication either – it softens the existing mascara enough that if all you want to do is shuffle your lashes back into place after they’ve all flattened out or clumped together or all gathered in one corner like they’re plotting your demise. No more prying lashes apart with a safety pin! Not that any of us would ever do that, because those are the dangerous habits of mad women. Ahem.

It looks mostly like a normal clear mascara, with a soft, short-bristled brush with a bit of curve to it. I thought the brush size was really well-thought-out, actually – plastic bristles would have made it a pain in the arse to get any of the product off, and longer ones would have made it harder to control, but the size they’ve gone for works really well.  

I really liked the product itself, too – I used it for the first time just to reshape flattened lashes (glasses will do that to you) and it was lovely to use and really worked to soften the dry mascara without making it smudge everywhere, which is what I was worried about. I tried a few different mascaras over the top, as well, to see how it fared, and for the most part they went on easily and made applying another coat much less of a faff than it would otherwise have been. Wetter formulas did work slightly better over the top, but even the thickest one I tried wasn’t a nightmare.

It also works very well for that moment when your lashes won’t sit right, but trying to fix them with your mascara wand makes it worse and worse and everything comes crashing down around you. You know? THAT moment. This product is a much easier way to sort everything out without having to throw your hands up in surrender and go out looking like Liza Minelli.

 For me, a mascara-refreshing serum is never going to be a desert island product, exactly – you don’t NEED this in your life, but you may well want it, and I absolutely think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. Also, it’s actually pretty rare to find a beauty product that straight-up does what it says it does, and for that Urban Decay get a huge thumbs up and a cuddle from me.

Is Mascara Resurrection something you think would be useful? Have you got your eye on anything else from Urban Decay’s latest launch?

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  1. I am still to find the perfect mascara for me. My lashes never stay curled any mascara just seems to drag them down xx