Sunday, 22 February 2015

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: ASOS Double Compartment Cross Body

HOW PRETTY IS THIS BAG?! If you are super-observant you may recognise it from my Polyvore post, which in theory was a virtual-shopping post but then obviously I ended up buying this because a) I have no self-restraint, and b) look at it.

I couldn't decide for ages what to do my favourites post on this week, because I keep accidentally reviewing things I then grow to love, without really having enough to say about them to write about twice. Anyway, as a result of that I was thinking about things I love in general at the moment, and this is the standout winner. I haven't used another bag since I got it because it is that good. And pretty. Mainly pretty.

The blue shade is just perfect, then the snakeskin, which could be super trashy, is actually quite classy because it's monochrome, and then the hardware is rose gold and just goes perfectly. I don't even know how to explain it but ugh so pretty.

I was nervous when I got it, though, that it would be completely impractical because it looks quite small, but it turns out that actually I really can fit all my crap in it, and believe me, that's a lot. The only thing I have had to change is swapping my big chunky wallet (which you can see in my What's In My Bag post) for a little coin purse, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Also because it gave me an excuse to use my adorable Sophia Webster Birchbox purse.

I am also a huge fan of the double compartments, they are really super useful because even though it's a small bag, I still would definitely lose things in it if I wasn't forced to be organised. I keep sensible things like keys, pens and my coin purse in one side, and on the other side I keep my makeup, hand cream, lip balm etc. Sorted.

After all of that (who knew I could write so much about one bag?), I haven't even got to the most exciting thing about this bag, and this post, yet, which is that you can still buy it (for just £22)! I have successfully done a fashion post about something that is still on sale, well done me. Go out and buy it immediately. Or alternatively you could let me know your favourite bag in the comments below, or just stroke my ego and tell me how pretty my bag is.


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