Tuesday, 17 February 2015

REVIEWSDAY: Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

One day I will come up with a totally original product photo concept but today is not the day. Really you're lucky that I never got round to buying cherries for my MAC Cherry lipliner review.

I really do think the candles are quite fitting for this though just because in a strange kind of way I feel about this primer in a similar way I do about candles. Essentially it is really, really lovely, but as a luxury rather than a definite necessity.

Don't get me wrong, I really like it, but it has a lot more to do with how nice it feels to use than any life-changing transformation properties. I bought it because I needed a replacement for Benefit That Gal that didn't cost twenty-odd pounds and in that sense, it is perfect. I really think this is a fab dupe for that, and for half the price (and 15ml rather than 10ml), it is basically identical as far as I can tell. They are both pink creamy primers, (rather than silicon, which I find really balls up when my skin is dry), and I just pop it on my cheeks and forehead and massage it in. It feels quite cooling and soothing and just generally rather nice.

My skin has been particularly dry and dull this winter and it just needs all the boost it can get in terms of hydration and helping my foundation go on just that bit better. This really does make my skin feel lovely and foundation goes on smoothly, I just wouldn't necessarily say that my face is transformed into a giant lightbulb.

Given that I don't think That Gal is that transformative either, the Bourjois one really is a winner, because I am not willing to shell out £20 just for something to feel quite nice. I am, however, willing to spend £10 (less than that with the buy one, get one half price deal at Superdrug) for a little bit of luxury in the mornings. Is it a holy grail product I would choose above anything else? No. Is it a lovely little extra? Definitely.

What do you guys think about primers? Do you prefer the silicon ones or have you also found you needed to change your routine up a bit this winter? Let me know if you've found any other great illuminating primers!


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