Monday, 15 December 2014

THREEWAY(S) WITH: Topshop Checked Shift Dress

I got a new job! Super exciting but then came the realisation I have nothing appropriate for the (slightly) smarter office so I accidentally bought all of Topshop. One thing I bought is this lovely green checked shift dress, which I am in love with but is pretty different to what I usually wear so I have been struggling a little with what to wear it with. For some inspiration and virtual shopping without spending money, I hopped off to Polyvore and thought I would bring you along for the ride.

Because I will be wearing this for work, I have done a work outfit, as well as one evening (e.g. Christmas party!) outfit and one weekend (or maybe casual evening) look. I had so much fun doing this, let me know if you like it so I can do more!

Work Appropriate

I am obsessed with these boots! I have actually just ordered them myself, for the second time, because they keep going out of stock so I am keeping all my fingers crossed that they are on their way to me now. The gold plating is just spot on. Apart from the dress though, these are the only thing in these looks that I actually own (in theory). Although I am in love with the boots, however,these sets include three pairs of heels, which for me is wildly unrealistic, so I have included these super-cute gold brogues as another option. Also, I don't actually have to look *that* smart for work, so I would probably go for flats.

Weekend Day Out

Ok so I am also obsessed with these boots as well. Megan Ellaby, a personal stylist at ASOS and blogger at, has these and wears them all the time and I love her and want to be her. I really can't afford to shed £80 on a pair of boots at the moment but I am stalking them so hard in case they go on sale. Then I will learn to walk in heels. Priorities.

Christmas Party

More shoe obsession. I bloody love shoes, they are usually my favourite part of an outfit (in case you hadn't guessed). The dress lends itself pretty easily to the festive Christmas tree vibe, and while I was trying to get away from that with the other two looks, for the party look I am full on embracing it with red velvet heels. To go really all out, I would go for some pom pom earrings, to make a Christmas tree complete with baubles, but I couldn't find any good ones so I have gone for these huge stars that still look quite like tree decorations. I am getting really bummed out now that my work Christmas party has a Hollywood glamour theme now - I would make a damn good Christmas tree.

Anyway those are my looks done, as I said before please please please let me know if you've enjoyed it because these were super fun to do and I would love an excuse to do some more virtual shopping. It totally never translates to real life, never at all, I haven't touched my credit card...


  1. love the christmas party look , The shoes are amazing .xox

    1. Thank you :) ohh I know, I want them so much! x