Tuesday, 2 December 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Sniffy Wiffy Hand Cream

Today, appropriately with it (finally) being December, is in a way our first Christmas post, because although it is a usual Tuesday review, this is definitely something I think would make a great Christmas gift. Having said that, although this is a review of the hand creams that we got to try, this is also a (slightly gushing) post about the brand and their products in general.

We had the lovely opportunity of meeting the couple behind Sniffy Wiffy at a Bloggers Love Hub event, and received hand cream samples to try, so I'll talk about these first but then quickly discuss the brand as a whole a bit too.

The hand creams I chose were Mango and Apple & Cinnamon. I have mostly been using the mango one so far but now that it is December (that's when I allow myself to be Christmassy), I may switch to the other one, because it is gorgeously festive! All the products from the brand are totally naturally based, then with the most amazing selection of fragrances that can be added to every single product, so you can basically personalise everything. As well as these two samples, I also tried a few of the testers at the event and the Apple and Walnut is just SO good. Yum. 

Anyway, the hand creams contain just Olive Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Spring Water, Preservative 12 and Fragrance, and they really are seriously good. They are super nourishing, so they take maybe a couple of minutes to sink in, but it is well worth it. I keep a tin in my bag to put on the second I get on the bus, then by the time I have got to work, my hands are so lovely and soft. 

My two hand cream tins will probably keep me going for a little while but the company also has two ranges of body products, one for women and one for men, consisting of body lotions and body scrubs, again all available in all fragrances. These are in a way the key products of the company because the two ranges raise awareness of breast cancer and testicular cancer through the charities CoppaFeel and Ballboys respectively. They do this by not only donating part of each sale to the charities, but because each jar has a label detailing who how to do a self-examination. 

This is the super clever part, because the best time to do an examination is when you are in the shower or using something like body lotion, but normally you might not actually have instructions for how to do it properly to hand. Step in Sniffy Wiffy. Everyone knows the importance of catching cancer early, and checking yourself for lumps is so important in this, so get yourself and your loved ones some products that *really* help you look after yourself.

Although we got given the hand creams as free samples, I am absolutely going to be buying more products myself, both as presents and also because I desperately need a body scrub. I think they are just a great company - super lovely people, a brilliant idea, and with a donation to charity, all pretty good reasons to buy Christmas presents from them. Gushing over.


  1. Sounds amazing xox