Saturday, 27 September 2014

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

So from no skincare posts to two in a row! I was sort of struggling this week with favourites though because in trying to think of something to write about I have discovered the only things I am loyal to are lip and hair products (apart from this Bourjois mascara of course) and you could perhaps say I have sort of got them covered for now...
Anyway eventually I remembered this scrub, I don't use it all that often but because of that, I have had it for quite a while and am still using it. This is still my first tube but I have had it a couple of years and it has yet to be replaced by another product.

Its main attraction is honestly the smell. I know that may not sound like that a good reason to be recommending a skincare product, but I promise it is, because, firstly, it is that good, and secondly because it just perfectly rounds off the rest of the product as a whole. I think that makes sense.
Basically, this scrub I save for when I want to be really clean and need waking up (yes that means quite often when I am hungover.) Sometimes my face needs to feel cleaner than you achieve simply with something on a cotton pad, or with a gentle cleansing balm or even a foamy cleanser. I usually do a scrub of some sort once a week, alternating between this and a couple of others. This one I use when I want to feel super clean, and the smell helps so much with that. It is just delicious. Everyone loves a good citrus scent to wake up, in shower gels or whatever, but I love that pink grapefruit is a bit more interesting than the standard lemon/lime flavour in most wake-up citrusy "zingy" what-have-you's. The super fresh smells makes your skin seem like it would be squeaky clean, if that was what you wanted (I'm assuming it's not), but it is actually a very gentle wash.

Although this says you can use it every day, I don't do that because my skin is quite sensitive to exfoliation with those little bead things, they give me angry bumps, so for everyday I use my Clinique toner as a sort of chemical exfoliating thing. Having said that, using this occasionally doesn't make me react at all, and it makes me feel especially refreshed and perky at times when I really need to most. The fact I can't use it all of the time I think even kind of helps make it more effective when I do, to the point where maybe it wouldn't feel so excitingly fresh if I used it everyday.

As to the "Visibly Clear" claim that it eliminates spots and blackheads, I can't really comment. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference once a week but that's kind of fair enough because that's not what it's designed to do. It definitely feels like your skin is very clean, but I don't get too many spots anyway, and the blackheads on my nose are pretty much a permanent feature only improved by face masks or pore strips. Instead I use this, as I said, quite often when I'm hungover, because although I do make sure I take my makeup off every night, when it's late I am perhaps not as careful as normal, so I like to use something extra in the morning to make sure I really get everything off, and being tired or feeling not 100% is where the scent really comes into its own.

So basically, this is wonderful, go out and get it, it costs next to nothing (and I use barely any each time), and it will make you feel perky even if it seemed like an impossible task just to get out of bed.

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