Saturday, 13 September 2014

THANK GOD IT'S FAVOURITES: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

So this week it's my turn for favourites and I will be doing Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick, because it is incredible. I love love love lipstick, especially matte, and I wanted the Lime Crime Velvetines for so long but by the time I saved up enough it was sold out, which was devastating.  
I think they are back in stock now but by that point Bourjois had announced its own version! Obviously I can't compare to Lime Crime so maybe they are even better but to be honest I can't imagine how they could be.

I heard about them before they were released and waited for weeks, not very patiently, to get my hands on them. The first one I bought is the one in the middle of the top picture, which is Frambourjoise (02), then Personne ne rouge! (01 - left) then most recently Grand Cru (08 - right, if you hadn't worked it out...).
I love all these shades. 01 doesn't suit me quite as well as the other two but that's my fault and nothing to do with the lipstick, it's just slightly too orange for me but I got overexcited at the idea of getting the formula in red (I think 08 wasn't out yet) and got it anyway, and it still looks good if I am careful about the rest of my makeup.
Grand Cru is just perfect, it is a goooorgeous deep red that is exactly spot on perfect for my skin and it is I think probably my favourite lipstick ever - velvet matte rich slightly blue-tinged red that doesn't budge. Holy grail of lipsticks.
Frambourjoise is also just lovely, a gentle pinky colour that can then be built up to quite a bright shade. It's not quite an everyday lipstick maybe, for work I just tend to wear stain, but I would absolutely wear this at the weekend during the day or out for casual drinks or something, because it is less dramatic than Grand Cru.

So I have talked about shades (I have three of eight and definitely have my eye on the others) but now I guess I should talk about why exactly they are so amazing! Basically they are super long lasting, is the main thing. Lipstick always comes off my lips to leave the attractive 90s lip liner effect but I am crap at fixing my makeup regularly so this means I don't wear lipstick nearly as much as I would like to (or rather I didn't used to!). These just don't budge, you can eat and drink wearing these and it still looks perfect afterwards, and I recently tested this with baked alaska, a pretty big ask for a lipstick let's be honest.
How well they last, then, is incredible so now let's cover texture, because some long-lasting lipsticks can be very drying. Not this, this is just so velvety and it feels so light on your lips too. Perhaps worn all day every day they might be drying but anything less than that and it is completely fine. They are really buildable which I love, sometimes I blend them on with my finger to give a sort of stain effect (this is especially lovely in Grand Cru) or you can get a completely opaque colour using the applicator with just a couple of layers. 
The applicator I sort of like. I have problems with it sometimes but I'm not quite sure how it could be improved so I will let them off. The issue I have mostly is that going straight from the tube I tend to get quite a lot going round the edge of my lips with less in the middle, so it isn't that quick an application because I have to faff about a little bit evening it out. But as I said, I am not sure what would make this better, and if I am in a rush I just smudge it around with my finger and it works perfectly. 
I really can't recommend these enough. I am still tempted by Lime Crime just to compare, and also intrigued by the new Rimmel Apocalips matte formula but I don't think these will ever be replaced. Liquid lipstick is definitely the future.

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