Monday, 8 September 2014

It's Fashion Week(s)/Month!!!!!

So this is a fairly specific post basically because I have got fashion week fever and also because I couldn't reeeeally think of anything else I wanted to post about more, so you are getting my favourite looks from just a few days of just one of the fashion weeks...
In theory we were going to do a round up of our favourite beauty looks of SS15 in general, but I think there's enough to do it per week because there are just SO MANY SHOWS (yay fashion nerd), and although New York hasn't actually quite finished yet we've had some pretty damn good shows (Victoria Beckham anyone?) so I am ploughing ahead with it now because I'm sure like me, you just can't wait.

Since I've already mentioned it, VB is first up. I am beyond impressed that Posh Spice has turned out to be an incredible designer, and this season was absolutely no exception. Her designs are always so elegant and the beauty look to go with it was exactly the same, but in a really youthful way, with bushy eyebrows and side-parted hair that wasn't too heavy. As well as all of this, she has also just released her first shoe collection, and I love shoes, so she has made me a happy (if wishful) bunny.

This one is a bit of a strange one because I have to admit I hadn't actually heard much about Nicolas K, but I have been religiously stalking make-up artist Instagram pages as well as labels and have fallen totally in love with this upside eyeliner thing. Obviously this is quite extreme but I think a softer version of it could work, and I would love to try sort of thing for a party. I actually have quite downturned eyes so maybe this flick up is what I have been looking for my whole life... I will let you know how that goes for me.

Tommy Hilfiger has pleasantly surprised me by being quite interesting, plus I really like the idea of extending the stars to the hands, not just restricting the make-up to the face. Fashion show make-up is always a really interesting mix of wearable and completely not and it's nice to see one of the more conservative designers choosing some unusual makeup designs. As a side note, it's also a lovely, gentle smokey eye.

Meanwhile at Thakoon...

This beautiful glossy eye is so different to Tommy Hilfiger, just so so simple. I actually saw the picture from side on first and thought they were washed with silver but from the other angle you can see it is actually just reflection. I think this is quite a pared-down look for Thakoon, which is interesting because I always associate the label with bright makeup after the incredible NARSxThakoon nail polish collection, and amazing though that was, I like seeing a spring/summer collection with something different from the expected brights and pastels.

Strong lip! Yes! I love a good strong lip and this orange at Tanya Taylor is perfect (well of course it is, it's NARS). I am very pleased with this because as I may have mentioned before, eyes are not my strong point, but my collection of lipsticks could probably rival Pat McGrath's so I will be trying this out straight away, probably with more success than the upside-down eyeliner. The minimal other makeup and simple hair also really brings it out, plus how beautiful is that top on the right? Yes please.

This last look at 3.1 Philip Lim is basically all about the hair, because so many other shows (Thakoon, Alexander Wang, Carolina Herrera etc) had some pretty slicked-down, wet-look styles, and whereas this beautiful fluffy, teased look is the complete opposite. I spend my life trying to make my hair not flat and straight so the wispy bits here are pretty much my dream, I will be waiting for someone to write an article to tell me how to do that...

Now I know I have missed tons but there are just too many shows - notable mentions though I think are Alexander Wang (always) for his pale brows, which are super interesting in the age of Cara Delevigne, Carolina Herrera for the hair loops (?!) and another lovely lip colour, and these weird-but-great mega-doll lashes at Altuzarra. So there are *some* of my favourite beauty looks so far, but there's still three more weeks to go! Yay!

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