Tuesday, 9 September 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat

Big news, my nails survived the hair wash, duh dun dun!
I have now tested Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat in combination with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and on the whole I am pretty damn pleased.
I don't know about anyone else, but washing my hair is when my nails tend to get really ruined, and they didn't. I have to wash my hair every other day so this can be quite a problem, and the reason I don't understand people whose nails last all week.

This picture shows them after 7 days (!!!!) and yes they are looking a little worse for wear but one little chip for me is impressive. I just had one little issue, which is that with a layer of base coat, two coats of polish and enough top coat to make it super glossy, they are no longer really 'quick dry' and so I smudged the ends and they got a bit dented, but I will take that for them to last more than a couple of days (or even one day like last time). They do also have these weird cracks but I think another layer of top coat would go some way to fixing that anyway.

After the lilac (Ciate Sugar Plum if anyone is interested), I then redid my nails on Sunday with base coat and this gorgeous Rimmel polish (Salon PRO Nail Polish with Lycra in 390 Celebrity Bash) but then let them dry overnight before the top coat to make sure they were really dry. Although this review is of the base coat, I am sort of recapping the top coat too because I took before and after pics for that and look how glossy! Also I am now feeling my previous review of the top coat was slightly unfair, because it seems it was the base coat that was the problem, and in combination these two seem perfect.

... and after!

So if anyone else is having problems with nail varnish peeling really badly (not just little chips), then I would definitely say think about getting a new base coat, not just focusing on the top coat! This Revlon one claims to bond to the nail, which I'm guessing is what is really important. I am also interested to try the new rubberised one from Essie, and Noll at some point will probably be reviewing the Bourjois filler base coat primer thing.
I will be sticking with this for a while though <3

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