Thursday, 18 September 2014

Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner that I Love London Fashion Week

So I enjoyed my last one of these so much (and felt so smug at learning how to embed photos) that now I am doing round two, this time it's serious (A.K.A. London) because I am a born and bred Londoner and maybe this is biased but I think I love LFW even more than NYFW. Although still from a distance (sadface).

I think one of the things I love most about it is the variation. New York had some stunning beauty looks, and clothes, but I find it reasonably similar, in that it is all quite sophisticated, contemporary but maybe slightly reserved. I think London definitely has that too, maybe at Burberry for instance, but firstly I think Burberry (especially this year) is more youthful, and secondly, it also has the amazing craziness of brands like Ashish. Then somewhere, maybe in the middle of those two, are incredible designers like Erdem and Mary Katrantzou, who both absolutely outdid themselves this year. There was so much variation in the beauty looks, as well as the clean pared-down looks seen so much at NYFW, there was plenty of glitter and colour too, which I guess there would be for any fashion week hosting Vivienne Westwood...

The Burberry look above is my favourite so far, it has been described by many, many people as "the perfect red lip" and I definitely agree. It's completely replicable at home (I think Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet  would be great for this) and just yum. Simple hair, perfect skin, barely-there eye makeup and just the perfect shade and texture lipstick. Topshop Unique also had gorgeous berry-stained lips - if it wasn't for Burberry's absolute perfection then I would definitely have been raving about them instead...

So from Burberry's absolutely wearable classic beauty look to Ashish. So much glitter, I love it. To be fair, toned down a bit I think this could be a pretty good party look, perhaps without the foil in the hair also... One thing I would say is I might consider this for a super-festive Christmas/New Year party, and I had temporarily completely forgotten this is a spring/summer look, so pretty unusual for that I think? In the best way.

Speaking of festive looks... I am completely in love with the Tom Ford beauty, super gothic "rock chick" (I hate that phrase but it's pretty much as appropriate here as it has ever been), with those gorgeous eyes and especially this particular model's septum ring. So good, and totally do-able at home! (Again though, spring/summer?!) As a side note, Charlotte Tilbury makeup was used here but I know Urban Decay has a really good glitter-heavy black eyeshadow that would be perfect, along with probably every brand ever. We can't all afford Charlotte Tilbury can we.

What a look <3 from festive looks to what I think is kind of like summer on acid. To me a typical summer look would be some kind of pastel-y colour(s) on the face, and beachy-wave hair, then in this Marques Almeida look they have gone for neon bright mismatched eyes and this amazing liony hair. I find it really interesting where the eyeshadow is placed, because this unusual placement of eye makeup definitely seems to be coming out as a new trend, from under-eye eyeliner at NYFW to the cool inverted (inner corner) smokey eye at Giles, and now this. Although I might not go so far as to wear completely different shades, I definitely want to try a bit of colour under the eyes rather than on top.

Everyone keeps saying that this autumn/winter it's all about the eyes, and I have to sadly admit I think this is sort of carrying on to spring/summer as well, apart from the berry lips thing, which I will cling onto like a limpet. Having said sadly though, maybe this is good for me and will force me to experiment. After the smudgey brights at Marques Almeida, and then some solid smokey eyes at Tom Ford and Giles, now we have this amazing graphic look at Lulu and Co. I really like how different this is to the other eye looks and am looking forward to getting my tape and/or ruler out to try this...

I don't think any round up of SS15 LFW beauty looks would be complete without mentioning Sophia Webster. Not that I'm really sure what to write, maybe I will just let the picture do the talking. Let's just say, this pretty much sums up LFW for me, I will leave you with that.

Ok that was supposed to be my last sentence, but then I looked for a Vivienne Westwood Red Label look to put in a bit earlier, and there are just too many. She covered everything from paint drips and splatters to face-writing to black lipstick, to name just a few things, so instead I strongly recommend you just head right over to the instagram page to see for yourself! 

What were everyone else's favourite looks?! Bring on Milan and Paris!

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