Saturday, 30 August 2014

SATURDAYS ARE MY FAVOURITE: Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara

New feature! Working title... Anyway this is a sort of empties review, but rather than going through everything and saying whether or not we will repurchase it, every Saturday we will post about one thing we have repurchased that week. Basically, guaranteed positive review, because these are our favourite products (see what we did with the title there?)

My first one is the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara. I love love love this. This is the best mascara I have used in years, and I particularly like that it is just a standard Superdrug/Boots one, and it costs about a tenner, that is my kind of product. 
Basically, this super lengthens them but also gives enough volume that they're not too spindly. My eyelashes are not too bad to begin with, but you wouldn't know that without mascara because they are so fair at the ends. This means mostly I just need colour, but no other mascara must actually reach the ends or something, because nothing else makes them look this long. The brush is one of the plastic bristle ones but with these little sphere things to get out clumps, which they definitely do, but I think this also makes it keep the lashes in the brush better so it really gets right to the end of every lash. (Please excuse my eyebrows in the pictures.)

Two tiny tiny problems I have with it are firstly that it is quite a big brush so is not ideal for lower lashes and secondly that the first time I use a new tube I find it ever so slightly too liquid and my lashes need a little help separating. To fix the lower lash issue I just usually use a different mascara on my lower lashes, usually Maybelline Big Eyes mascara, which has a little brush especially for them. As a quick side note, this is also a great mascara. It is worth it for the lower lash brush alone to be honest, but I also really like the upper lash one too, it's just for me not *quite* as amazing as the Bourjois one. For these pictures I have used the Bourjois top and bottom though to give a proper review, it just requires a bit more effort to clean up under the eye. The other issue of it being a little liquid at the beginning sorts itself out in a couple of days, so I am starting it over the weekend when I have a little bit more time to get ready and by Monday it should have settled down enough I think.

It still ended up pretty good today, even though it was first use of a new tube, and it didn't take me too long to apply in the end so all in all still completely in love with this. If you would like to see a picture of me wearing it with a whole face of makeup (and better eyebrows) then head over to my post about how I dye my hair because I am wearing it in the bottom picture of that!

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