Tuesday, 26 August 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

Nail varnish is not really my strong point, I love it and my nails aren't bad but I cannot keep it on for longer than a couple of days so I am on a never-ending quest to try to find something that stops it chipping, or peeling off entirely (see below...)
Attempt number one on the blog is Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, and spoiler alert - quest ongoing.

I painted my nails with colour then left it a couple of hours to properly dry, and as you may or may not be able to see from the picture, after a couple of hours of just the colour, it was already dented and smudged. You can also see how bad I am at applying nail polish but we'll skip over that. Anyway I then put the top coat over to try to smooth out all the bumps and give a glossy finish. Quick drying is an important aspect of this because I always forget that it's drying and try to do things and smudge it if it hasn't dried rock solid pretty much instantly. So to be fair to this, since the gloss and quick-drying aspects are the most important for me, it lives up to these claims. I think it's quite similar to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which is equally glossy and quick drying and quite chip-able, but my bottle of that has gone completely gloopy, hence purchase of this Revlon one. I will be interested to see if this does the same, I'm assuming that's just what happens with super quick-drying stuff. 

Anyway, now onto chipping. I know I said I don't tend to take into account how much things chip, but this chipped horrendously just on the first day of wearing it, to the point of me not having time to actually take a picture of it looking nice... It is a fairly rubbish nail varnish underneath which usually peels (why am I still using it??) so I don't know how much that depends on the top coat, thoughts? I still feel like it should be able to help a bit but since it has just peeled right off maybe that's more base coat/colour territory and there's nothing much top coat can do to help.

Same day...
Next day (yes I went to work like this)
I will be redoing my nails tonight to be less of a mess at work, so I will have another go with the best nail varnish I can find and at the very least I will know that even if it peels off again, I can guarantee that what is left of it will be super glossy...
And because it seems like maybe I just need a better base coat to stop all the chipping, I will be doing some research on that this week, so look out for my next #reviewsday post to see how this exciting saga continues, I know you can't wait.

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