Tuesday, 19 August 2014

REVIEWSDAY: Rimmel London Wonder’full Mascara

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Fun fact: I tried this mascara for the first time on the train, because I overslept, because I am a mess.

One of the major claims Rimmel makes about this mascara is that there are no clumps, and that was definitely my experience - there were no clumps, it went on smoothly and the formula wasn’t too wet (a mascara pet peeve of mine and a problem I’ve had with Rimmel mascaras in the past – looking at you, ScandalEyes). It felt extremely lightweight going on and the plastic bristled brush combed my lashes out all neat and pretty. It gave excellent definition, which I love (my eyelashes have a tendency to remain separate at the root and somehow clump at the tip at the same time), although the slight thickening at the end of the brush made it harder to get at the inner lashes without jabbing yourself in the eye and swearing violently in front of your fellow commuters. Not that that happened. Not even a little bit.

I did find, bizarrely, that the product seemed to go through my lashes and smudge onto my eyelids at the lashline – it didn’t look too bad and saved me some eyeliner time, considering I was on the train and rapidly approaching London Blackfriars, but I am always wary of products that overachieve. Know your place, Wonder’full. It did also smudge a little onto my upper eyelid but I’m going to put that down to poor train application and the woman next to me underestimating the size of her newspaper.

For the most part, Wonder’full backs its shit up: lightweight formula, smooth application, great definition. The only problem I had was the volume. I just didn’t get that aspect of it at all. I’m a volume girl when it comes to mascara, because my eyelashes are reasonably long but a bit on the wispy side, so that felt like quite a letdown.

This isn’t going to be my everyday mascara, but I’m sure I’ll crack it out from time to time and if you can overlook the volume issue, you’re looking for good definition or a bit of eyelash TLC after some waterproof mascara or falsie abuse then I think it would make a fab addition to your makeup bag.

N.B. Extra note from Poppy - I also tried this mascara (we accidentally bought it at the same time), and basically, it doesn't look as good on me… I was super excited about a lightweight mascara that is supposed to be good for your lashes, and I love the brush, but the formula just doesn't quite work for me. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I found it didn't do enough with one coat, but then turned into a bit of a clumpy horrible nightmare when I applied a second coat. Sometimes I find mascaras settle down after a couple of applications though so maybe watch this space, because I really want to like it.

Next day update - I am still not sure, but will probably stick with it for now because I haven't got anything else and I am feeling poor this month. Best beauty blogger ever...

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