Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi =) I’m Noll (on the left there).

The other week I fell down the stairs and hit a wall so hard that I scraped all the skin off my knee. Three days later, I tripped while skipping too close to a kerb, fell in the gutter and hurt the same knee again. Two days after THAT I fell up some stairs (it’s a thing) and hurt myself a third time. But physical incompetence aside, I can do a smoky eye and winged eyeliner in seven minutes and I’m super excited to show you how. I’ll also talk a lot about skincare, possessed as I am of skin that is super pale and more sensitive than a twelve-year-old, and you may well find the odd fashion post in there as well. Probably go to someone else for advice about stairs.

That’s really what I’m doing here – my daily life is a mess. I, as a human being, am a mess. But I’m pretty good at makeup, and obsessive enough that I will try all the new products so you don’t have to. Makeup makes me happy (so do hairless guinea pigs, 90s TV crime dramas and cups of tea, but we decided that blog would be too niche) and blathering about it is a fun distraction from all the falling over, so here we are xxx

Hello, I’m Poppy, I’m the other one. I am 23, (quite) recently left university, in a stop-gap job, not sure what I’m doing with my life, and have already changed my life plan several times just this year, but as with Noll, I always have a face full of makeup. I also spend far too much money on makeup and clothes, and a lot of time on the internet reading about them, so figured writing a blog about it all would go some way to justifying both of those things. 

I am also pretty invested in my hair, which is currently red-ish, but has been auburn, ginger, red-blonde ombre, pink and purple along the way (ignoring my natural mousey colour and an unfortunate blue-green accident) so I will probably be doing a fair few posts about that too. Some other things I like are food (eating everything and baking cakes), dad music and fashion, so I may also subject you to lists of places to eat in London, recipes, playlists and some flat-lays xxx

We hope you enjoy!

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