Sunday, 23 November 2014


Yes I know, yet another skincare favourite, but I just don't seem as loyal to makeup as I am to skin products! I think it's partly because with make-up, it's not so much about the experience and more just the end results, whereas with skincare how it feels is also so important. This stuff feels incredible.

In case you haven't used a cleansing oil before, you apply the oil to dry skin and massage it in (including the eye area), then wet it to emulsify and rinse it off. This basically means that every time I take my make-up off, I get a lovely little face massage. It also is olive-oil based so it smells of that (although not in a too-foody way!), which just adds to how luxurious it feels. 

I have tried other cleansing oils before, and although this is pricier, it definitely is head and shoulders above them. The main one I have used is the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil, which essentially was perfectly adequate until I tried this. This stuff is quite viscous, but in a really good way, in that it is thick and almost creamy, so it really feels just amazing rubbing it in, and makeup absolutely melts away. I know that is kind of a cliche but it does just feel so true with this. The L'Oreal one is more liquid-y and I find that makes it harder/messier to use, does not feel quite so indulgent, and doesn't work quite as well. 

I used this earlier to take off a full face of makeup, and thought I would show you how well it works by taking a cotton pad round my face with micellar water on, and you can see it's completely clean! For some reason when I first used cleansing oils I thought they wouldn't be as effective as a cotton pad or cloth, something abrasive, and it's true the L'Oreal one doesn't take 100% off, but this really does. Everything gone. I even used it to take off my Halloween witch face paint and makeup, so instead of scrubbing at my face lots, I just used this twice, which just felt lovely, rather than it being red and raw.

Moving on to price, at £21.50 for a full-size bottle, this is quite expensive, I realise. I actually got it as a free gift with a subscription to Harper's Bazaar magazine, along with the DHC Velvet Skin Coat primer, all for the stupidly good price of £15. The DHC products alone are worth £38.50, so I have no idea how that is possibly financially viable for them but I'm not complaining! Having said all of this, I really can't see myself not repurchasing it, even if I have to use it less often to make it last longer. Right now it is £21.50 on every website I checked (DHC's own, Amazon, feelunique and Escentual), but surely eventually it will be on offer somewhere?? I am really hoping that won't come any time soon though, because as you can see it is still really full, and I use it regularly. For a normal day's makeup, I use just one pump, only using two for when it is seriously packed on, like for a Halloween look.

Having harped on about how amazing this stuff is, I will also quickly talk about the L'Oreal Paris one I mentioned earlier just because it only costs £5.33 for 150ml at at Boots right now. It is definitely not quite as good but it still is a dream at removing waterproof mascara compared to normal eye make-up removers, it just slides right off. If you have never tried a cleansing oil before, I would definitely recommend you get either one of these just to try. They feel so lovely, and leave your skin so soft, and if you have oily skin they can actually help to rebalance it, rather than making it greasier, which a lot of people are scared of.

Instant make-up removal, face massage and baby soft skin, what more could you want? Have you ever used a cleansing oil? Please tell me if there are any others I should know about!


  1. Great post!
    This is my favourite cleansing oil too ! I love how clean it leaves the skin feeling! Its defiantly up there as one of my holy grails ! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes so clean but so gentle too, I absolutely love it :)
      P x