Monday, 3 November 2014

#FIRSTTIME: First Time Tag

We got tagged to do the #First Time tag by the lovely Homelife with Heather so here goes! It is appropriately also our first tag post.

First blog post?

N: Our first blog post was a super cringy introduction thing that we each wrote half of sitting on the floor in Poppy's kitchen with tea.

P: Yup Noll pretty much has that covered...

Do you still talk to your first love?

N: No. No I do not.
P: Nope. Tried at first then realised I didn't actually want to.

What was your first job?

N: It was doing something called media monitoring (a bit like transcription for news and radio) at my mum's company when I was 16. I'm actually working in that industry again now, because I'm clearly moving up in the world and all that. 
P: I also worked at her mum's company at 16 and I am now back working at the same company. We are super interesting.

Where did you go on your first ride on an aeroplane?

N: Greece, I think? Or maybe Portugal? I was about 18 months old I think. There is a picture of me and my grandparents on holiday when I was about that age. My mum's dressed me in jeans and a cap and I look like a boy. Cheers, Mum.
P: Australia, aged 2 so I can't remember it :( I am reliably informed though that a kangaroo ate my sandwiches still in their plastic bag. When I was 4 I went to New Zealand and had my birthday four times on the plane back, but since then I haven't left Europe so I have some travelling to do...

First broken bone? 

N: I've not properly broken a bone. I've dislocated all sorts of stuff though, cause my joints are a bit dodgy.
P: I've never broken a bone either but bruised my coccyx once and couldn't sit down for weeks, I would very much advise against that.

First piercing?

N: I got my ears pierced in a Claire's Accessories for my 12th birthday, by an extremely large man called Benji.
P: Selfridges when I was 13, I got my ears done by a man with a studded Mohawk.

What was the first sport you were involved in?

N: Well, I was made to play sports at school but I don't think you can say I was ever involved in them... I do a lot of ballroom and latin dance though, so that was the first thing I ever willingly took part in.
P: I really liked gym until I realised I was totally inflexible and too scared of falling... I like swimming but not enough to be on a team or anything. If we are taking "involved" quite loosely, I have been carefully trained by my dad to obsessively follow the Welsh rugby team, does that count?

First concert?

N: I think it was either the Spice Girls or Britney Spears, because the 90s.
P: Mine was definitely not as exciting. I think it might have been the Barenaked Ladies. I am super cool.

First fear?

N: Probably the dark, but the one that really stands out is puppets - I had a horrifying wooden clown puppet in my room that had holes instead of eyes and used to make awful shadows of scary faces on my ceiling. Never occurred to me to tell my mum I didn't like it, and instead I just lived in fear.
P: I also hate the dark, and that probably was my first, but now that is massively overwhelmed by heights.

This was fun, thank you for tagging us Heather! We will tag some people on Twitter soon, but also anyone reading this do please leave us a comment :)


  1. I loved reading this post! Really great answers from you both :) I'm also scared of the dark but puppets are quite scary! x x
    Also thank you for tagging us! We'll do our post soon x x

  2. Thank you; that's so sweet! We were pleased to do our first tag =) excited to see your responses! N x

  3. Great tag . Thanks for the tag i'll do it soon things are pretty bag right now at home xox

    1. Thanks so much! You're welcome =) we're excited to see your answers; hope everything gets sorted soon N xxx

  4. Thanks for the Tag (@MashionMeauty) I will try and get this done ASAP and link you up!
    Great answers BTW x

    1. Thanks! Super interested to see your responses =) N x

  5. Great post!, its really lovely to get to know both of you better

    1. That's so nice; thank you! It was fun doing a new post format =) N x