Sunday, 9 November 2014

LISTEN WITH MOTHER: Autumn Chill Playlist

Autumn is my favourite season. I know I can’t shut up about that, but there’s something about big jumpers and chunky boots and lattes that gives me the warm fuzzies, and warm fuzzies need an appropriate soundtrack. It’s our first music post!

My music taste is a bit disjointed. It can’t especially decide where it wants to be, so there are a few genres in this playlist, but it’s made up of the kind of songs that slow your heartbeat a little bit – whether because they’re smooth and acoustic or with a bit more of a beat. Wrap up warm, grab some headphones and take a deep breath. 

This woman is amazing. This song’s very minimalist, all pared-back strings and her incredible vocals over the top; lovely layered harmonies. Gorgeous.

I could go on for days about how much I love Beach House. This song’s from their fourth album, and it’s mostly very level and gentle, but with a beautiful, beautiful build in the chorus.

Bit of a genre leap here, but this song is just really cool. It’s very understated and sexy, with a low, slow groove most of the way through but some gorgeous high notes in the pre-chorus. You wouldn’t want your granny to hear those lyrics, though.

This might be a bit of a summer song, but it’s just so calming, with a lovely constant guitar riff and really gentle vocals.

I know, I know, a huge throwback. This song probably makes it onto every calm playlist I make, ever. It was released as a demo, I think, so it’s not over-produced, and something about the story in the lyrics and Ian Brown’s lovely, warbly voice just makes me smile.

Every time I listen to this, I accidentally sway from side to side. It takes a while for the vocals to kick in, but they’re so lilty and soothing you’ll find it worth the wait.

This song will slow your pulse, I swear – a combination of his incredible, effortless voice, the lovely stuttery beat in the background and the super smooth flow throughout.

I played this song to someone once, and he said, “Does anything, you know, happen in this song?” It’s true that the melody and rhythm are very constant, but so are tides, and sunrises, and this song is just as beautiful.

This is a recent discovery for me, and I think it’s got a bit of an 80s vibe to it – even though it’s a bit faster than some of the other songs on this playlist, I think it’s gentle enough to get away with it. Don’t watch the video though, or you’ll just be confused instead of relaxed.

My sister recently asked me what my favourite song EVER is, and this was the first one that came to mind. It’s so, so lovely – the chorus just gets me right in the heart. Dreamy. Just listen to it. You won’t regret it.

I know, right? Curveball. But this song has got a really slow groove to it – it’s relaxed in a sexy, satisfied sort of way, and it’s always easy to forget how good a singer Miley actually is - she really goes for those low notes and I just love it.

This is another example of a song that is really, really simplistic, but super effective and beautiful. The harmonies are lovely, the lyrics are amazing, and you will find yourself humming it gently to yourself in public and looking like a nutter.

And thus concludes my list of some of the amazing songs I’ve been listening to on rainy train journeys and cold nights. A latte will warm your hands, but soothing music will warm your SOUL.

OK, lattes are pretty good for the soul, too.